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What we do

We address the global income and wealth inequality by introducing a Universal Basic Income system that practically anyone can sign up to and benefit from. We achieve this while still maintaining no quantitative easing in the system by taxing every person based on their wealth and then redistributing the taxed amount evenly to all users in the ecosystem. A wealth tax system combined with a Universal Basic Income system ensures that everyone is protected and still has the opportunity to benefit from capitalistic style practices and grow.

How we do it

What we do is create a decentralized blockchain token called the Coffer Lattice Universal Basic Income or $CLUBI where anyone in countries where cryptocurrencies are legal can sign up for a wallet and gain a monthly basic income in $CLUBI tokens. Each month every person is taxed based on which tax bracket they fall into and also credited 100 $CLUBI into their wallets. The supply level of $CLUBI tokens is set up in such a way that the maximum percentage that is redistributed on a monthly basis is only 1% so the taxation fee is incredibly low each month. 

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