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Why we exist

Ethically Balanced Commerce

What we do

We give every every direct stakeholder in our business continuous income for life.

Yes, you read that correctly, everyone that has any stake in our business, from a business partner to a client, earns income from having interacted with us.

You also earn income from all the ventures, products, services and companies tied into our financial structure.

How we do it

For every interaction with Coffer Lattice organisations and individuals earn points. 

For example, you can earn points by buying a product or service or linking a product or service to the lattice. 

Every month profits are then redistributed to everyone of our point holders using block-chain technology. Once you have a point you earn forever.

Start Earning Immediately

We are continuously investing our profits onto more income generating assets, products and services. Join us in growing the wealth of all.
We have a trillion euro profit generating asset attached to our structure so joining us immediately is just common sense. 

The quickest and easiest way to increase your flow of income is purchasing more points and gaining a larger share of the Coffer Lattice profits pool. For safety and to ensure tracking we use different third party providers to sell points. The reason for this is to ensure that the purchase of any points is validated by a third party provider that is not directly managed by Coffer Lattice. This process ensures that even in the event of Coffer Lattice being hacked there is a backup of all information relating to sales on third party servers. 

Profit Points

Personal Info

Donation Total: $100.00

We are continuously releasing new revenue generating products to increase the total size of the profits pool. For every $1 spent on a product you receive 0.1 points in the overall profit pool. This is consumerism 2.0. Now you, the customer, financially benefit from every purchase you make. Start collecting your profit products today or just listen to some of the music linked into the Coffer Lattice system!

We have a large number of music albums in our portfolio and are continuously adding more and more artists and songs to our holdings.

Coffer Lattice has over 10,000 books in it’s collection, and we are adding more and more on a daily basis. Collect them and profit!

Coffer Lattice works with the best professionals in the world in order to deliver the highest quality of services to our clients. We pride ourselves in delivering top quality, full scope, professional services to all our clients. We are a one stop shop for any service you may need as an individual and for any service a company may need.

For every $1 spent on services you receive 0.1 points in the overall profit pool. This is consumerism 2.0. Now you, the client, financially benefit from every dollar you spend.

Move all your professional service needs over to us immediately, it’s the smart financial move!

Personal coaching, advisory and mentoring

  • Our expert consultants have achieved everything from transforming themselves into being one of the top noetic scientists and psychics in the world to cracking the international financial markets on two separate occasions, one of which was recognized by Forbes.
  • Considering everyone has a different budget we firstly analyse your financial situation to ensure the service is tailored to you. During this stage we get details of your dreams and aspirations and validate some of our accomplishments and ability to deliver what we promise.
  • Secondly we match you with the correct consultant to ensure you achieve your goals. We work with you to change your mind and change your life. We take an individual approach to building success, both when working with people and working with businesses.
  • Thirdly we design the perfect action plan for you. All our consultants are endowed with knowledge accumulated from years of experience in both their chosen fields and in ancient and modern methodologies employed by the great leaders of the past and present.
  • Fourthly we link our assets with yours and give you the stability of being linked to our asset base. We are all stronger together and we design advanced asset linking strategies to ensure that everyone with us is secure.

Business advisory and consultancy 

  • Our business consultants are once again the best of the best in their fields of expertise. 
  • Organisations such as small and medium enterprises, charities, non government organisations, large multinationals, public companies and government entities. In every case we have left the companies or organisations in a better position than when we started.  
  • We have worked in industries including artificial intelligence, blockchain, finance and financial trading, consultancy and advisory, holographic technology, projection technology, fashion, music, television, entertainment, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, iGaming and much more. 
  • Our diverse background working with different organisation types and in different industries ensures we are uniquely positioned to benchmark our clients on the best practices of any organisation type in any industry.  

Business services

  • Coffer Lattice offers full business management services. In this way you can outsource large chunks of your operations to us and earn money from outsourcing, not only in savings but in continuous residual income. The services we offer include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Accounting and finance
  • Strategic planning
  • Operations management
  • Compliance management
  • Risk management
  • Outsourced sales department
  • Web hosting services

Corporate and personal legal services

  • We work with experienced legal professionals all around the globe to ensure that we have coverage in every legal jurisdiction. Choosing to work with Coffer Lattice for all your legal needs ensures you are appropriately positioned to access the global legal network.
  • Along with this we also specialize in structuring and the production of legal documents. 

Marketing, digital, physical and social

  • We have a fully integrated marketing component in our organisational structure that ensures all the marketing needs of our clients are met to the highest degree.
  • We employ advanced marketing strategies that are tailored to the specific needs of every client we work with. These strategies ensure we are reaching your target audience with with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.
  • Along with having advanced strategies we also have access to the most advanced marketing technologies such as holographic projectors, RFID tracking and dynamic advertising displays.
  • All our marketing campaigns also include data analysis and tracking built in to ensure you have the most advanced marketing growth strategy from the moment you sign with us.
  • We implement these advanced strategies in all areas of marketing, from social media management to large marketing events.
  • Notably, we also have large events partners who have expertise in a diverse scope of events around the globe. These partners have worked on government black tie events to events such ad San Diego comic con.

Design, graphic, product and engineering

  • Our experts have a diverse skill base in design, across the design spectrum. We have access to some of the smartest product designers, graphic designers and engineers in the world.
  • Our graphic designers have diverse portfolios, ensuring we produce the best design specific for your project. Every brand is unique and managers have their own tastes so we make sure that we create the best sensory meal to tickle the taste buds of all senses.
  • Our product designers have created amazing pieces of art and amazing business to consumer products. 
  • Our product designers work with our engineering team to ensure every product is beautifully designed internally and externally. 

Web platform development, application development & UI/UX 

  • We have experts in the development of all types of online platforms. The development of everything from business websites to complex online platforms is something that is considered second nature to our teams. 
  • Along with web platforms we also create mobile and tablet applications. In most cases our clients order both an online platform and mobile application, which ensures you reach all audiences with ease.
  • In the modern day UI/UX is becoming perhaps the most important aspect of any web platform or application. We have a number of different advanced methodologies that ensures your UI & UX is the best in the industry. Depending on the size of your operations, we also implement complex AI systems that result in an ever evolving UI & UX. 

Building an income stream, or a number of income streams, is a wise move for absolutely everyone. It is highly beneficial for all to have a continuous flow of income. 

We are experts in creating income streams for ourselves and others. We have a diverse range of income generating, cash cow, assets in our portfolio.

When we build income streams with others we ensure profit sharing is implemented with best ethical principals. 

Building an income stream with us is easy. We work within your budget, and in certain cases we help you complete an income stream for free. Income stream creation and size depends on one’s net worth and level of current income. 

When creating an income stream you also earn points, based on best ethical principles, in the profit pool. This increases the percentage of the profits you gain from the profit pool.

We are continuously acquiring new companies and strategic partnerships to increase the total size of the profits pool. For every $1 spent at a sister company you receive 0.1 points in the overall profit pool. This is consumerism 2.0. Now you, the customer, financially benefit from every purchase you make. 

Coffer Lattice is continuously adding more and more assets to our profit pool. This includes joint venture assets with other companies, entire company links and individuals contributing a percentage of their total earnings. 

Every link results in the individual or company linking themselves into the structure, results in said individual or company gaining an increase in their total profits points holding, weighted using best ethical and financial principles. 

We are insurance and income for all companies and individuals we work with. 

Being linked with us is smart corporate and personal finance. 

20% of the profit pool is evenly distributed to everyone who has a birth entitlement token. This ensures that everyone, regardless of their purchasing power, receives a percentage of the profits from Coffer Lattice. You are automatically entitled to income from everything we do from the moment you take your first breath.

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